Caring for the Environment

Caring for your Cat

Our Story



1) Eco-Friendly

100% Recycled Paper Product 
- Uses only post-consumer wastes such as old newspapers
- No virgin materials are used

100% Chemical-Free Process
- No chemicals, additives or bleaches are used in our
  manufacturing process

100% Recyclable Packaging
- Our products are supplied in environmentally-friendly paper bags
  (FSC certified)
- Only water-based inks are used in our printed bags

100% Sterile at Point of Manufacture
- High heat treatment ensures sterility and stability of the
  end product
- Totally safe for pets and owners

Lower Carbon Footprint

2) High Absorbency

3) Excellent Odour Control

4) Low Tracking

- Our specially formulated pellets reduce tracking and will not mark floors.
- Less likelihood of the pellets adhering to cat’s paws, making it a low
  maintenance product.

5) Lightweight & Economical

6) Low dust

7) Flushable