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eppm's new bio litter range

Leveraging our expertise in paper cat litter manufacturing, EPPM has developed an eco-friendly line of litters using natural plant fibre sourced from Malaysia’s agricultural sector. Our plant-based litter meets all functionality and performance standards, with extensive testing confirming superior odour control.

In 7-day ammonia trials, we found that:

  • Hybridized litter (paper blended with plant fibres) exhibited twice the efficacy in retaining malodours compared to conventional paper litter.
  • All-Natural plant-derived litter surpassed hybridized litter (2x) in capturing and retaining

The hybridized litter will ensure a seamless transition for both consumers and cats to a new natural litter. There’s also a close resemblance to existing paper litter in appearance and texture. The All-Natural plant fibre litter aligns with a compelling narrative centred around environmental responsibility, upcycling and waste reduction — particularly pertinent given the prevailing concerns and negativity surrounding global climate change.

Exceptional odour control attribute of both litter types establishes a new benchmark for natural litter performance, achieved without the reliance on chemicals or additives.

efficacy of Odour Control

Odour Control comparison explained:

  • AC with Paper Litter (incl all branded products in grey line) only ever hit 4.5 days of odour level at Day 7 of standard paper litter.
  • Recycled Paper blended with Plant Fibres (brown line) or Hybridized Litter hits Day 3.1 of the expelled odour level of standard paper litter at Day 7.
  • Finally, 100% Plant-Based Cat Litter (green line) only hits Day 1.4 of standard paper litter at Day 7. A result that is truly unmatched.

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