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Both NATURE’S ECO® and GREEN KAT® Recycled Paper Hamster Bedding provide an ideal natural material for hamsters, also suitable for other small pets. Made from recycled paper under high heat treatment process, this bedding product is totally pet-safe and is free from additives and other nasties. It has a fluffy and soft texture for a high degree of comfort. It is also highly absorbent to ensure that hamsters live in a dry and hygienic environment.

Hamster bedding is a vital part of a pet hamster’s everyday habitat. Hamsters spend literally all their time on the bedding. Whether they are playing, socializing, nesting or sleeping, it’s important to provide suitable bedding that is safe, healthy and easy to use.

Traditional wood shavings are popular hamster beddings. However, certain types of wood shavings particularly those made from pine or cedar may contain chemicals that are potentially harmful to hamsters. Some scented beddings may also contain artificial chemicals and should be avoided to protect the hamster’s sensitive nose even if the bedding smells great to pet owners.

Available in NATURE'S ECO® 8L and